Charcoal & Salt is live!

Stay tuned for lots of delicious things.

Our website is live!

We're a couple of food-obsessed folks who live in New York City and love to cook and eat. Last year we came up with the idea to compile, archive, and share our cooking, brewing, and fermenting projects.

We've spent the last 6 months posting some of the things we've made to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook while we worked on setting up our own spot on the web, where we could feature the full recipes. If you're not yet following us, please do!

We're looking forward to using this website to post our recipes for all sorts of our favorite homemade foods, booze, and other fermented things. Stay tuned for hand-rolled pastas, vegetable dishes, pizzas from scratch, all sorts of deliciously cooked meats, homebrewed beer and wine, homemade bread, our own cured charcuterie, and much, much more.

Lean more about who are are on our About page, view our Posts, or view our Recipe Index.