This is a 6lb plate of Boudin.  Doesn't it make you happy?

Many sausages around the world go by the name of Boudin. This is the Louisiana version.



Stollen sliced and ready to eat.

This is a recipe based on my Dad's stollen. Stollen is traditionally made with yeast, but this version uses baking powder and baking soda instead. My dad always used to start this recipe on Christmas Eve late at night and finish sometime in the middle of the night. By Christmas... read more


Uncle John's Salsa

A bowl of Uncle John's salsa.

This salsa was a staple in our house growing up—for a while my mom used to make a batch ever week. My mom often used pickled jalapeños for this recipe, which always worked great. But you can use any fresh chiles instead. This recipe only takes a few minutes to throw together, but... read more



Die Weißwurst soll das 12 Uhr-Läuten nicht hören.

Nothing beats homemade fresh Weisswurst for breakfast. The key to making good sausage at home is to keep all your ingredients cold. If you let your sausage warm up before stuffing or don't fully emulsify the meat and fat you'll end up with sausage that is grainy rather then springy.... read more


Making Pickled Okra

Zesty pickled okra.

There's only one thing to do when it’s late summer and okra is in season: pickle it! We recently made up a batch of pickled okra to preserve the awesome bounty we got in our CSA box, and plan to keep it around for salads, charcuterie, or as a 2am snack. If you grow okra, you need... read more



Adding the grain alcohol to the peels.

We love keeping a bottle of homemade limoncello in our freezer. There’s nothing like pouring a round at the end of a good meal. And making limoncello is easy; you only need a few ingredients: lemons, water, alcohol, and sugar. You can also make variations using any other kind of... read more


Pasta Scraps with Garlic, Pumpkin Seeds, and Fresh Sage

Pasta scraps with garlic, pumpkin seeds, and fresh sage.

A few years ago we stopped buying boxed pasta altogether. After finding an unused pasta mill in one of our parents’ house, we decided to work on perfecting a method for quickly making fresh pasta (we’ll write a post about this soon). With practice, we’ve found that the dough... read more


Our Take on Kansas City-style BBQ Sauce

Our sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.  Put it on everything.

This is our go-to recipe for a tangy, sweet, and slightly spicy Kansas City-style barbecue sauce. We developed this recipe because we wanted to make a BBQ sauce that used tomatoes instead of ketchup, which is more commonly found in recipes. To replace the sweetness that comes from the... read more


Charcoal & Salt is live!

Pouring hot coals from  a charcoal chimney into a kettle grill.  Much better than using lighter fluid.

Our website is live! We're a couple of food-obsessed folks who live in New York City and love to cook and eat. Last year we came up with the idea to compile, archive, and share our cooking, brewing, and fermenting projects. We've spent the last 6 months posting some of the things... read more